Top apps to share files between Android Devices 2019

In the era of smartphones, we frequently share files, media and other pieces of stuff to friends and family members. We know about many apps which help us to share files between devices. This app allows us to share large files like movies, videos, apps, etc. In this article, I tell you the best 5 apps that make your work easier and give you high sharing speed. Sometime back we use Bluetooth for sharing a file which was very slow. We also used an IR beam to transfer the file. However, in the era of smartphones, we use wifi sharing which gives you high speed and never corrupt your files while sharing.

App developers work and still working to improve the algorithm to improve the overall stability and working of these apps. These apps are worked on a great algorithm. This algorithm allows us to share files even between Android to PC, Android to IOS devices. In this article, I share the best Sharing apps on play store.

Best Android sharing Apps

Here, is the list of best android apps for sharing files, app and media. But Both the devices should have the same sharing app for sharing files between each other. You can choose the best from your side. In other words,Switching to the app which most of your friends and family member is using for smooth sharing of files.

1. Shareit: On our list, the first app is Shareit app. This is the best app and most installed app on play store. Firstly, this is the simple app to use because of the simple UI you use it easily. Secondly, it allows you to share files between Mobile to pc and android to IOS. Shareit app allows you to transfer data with the speed of 20Mbps. Moreover, the shareit app also having Integrated Media Player And other stuff for your entertainment.

Most importantly you can share files between cross-platform on PC by using Shareit for Pc, on IOS devices by selecting share on IOS. This app also gives you viral videos to watch and share with your friends. Finally, I say this is the best app with great features.

2. Xender: Second in the list this is also a famous app for sharing files. This allows you us to share files with high speed between four devices simultaneously. You can simply drag and drop files to share between devices. Moreover, you can do the cross-platform transfer of files between PC, Android and IOS. You need not have to install any Pc side software,

This is free app and not having any In App purchase.You can freely and securly transfer any files with your fingures.


3. Portal: This is also a great app to share files between devices. Portal having the simple UI which make this app so simple to use. This sharing allows you to share files, multiple files or even a folder. Moreover, it doesn’t need any Pc side software to be installed for transferring files between Mobile device to PC.

You can do cross platform transfer of files between android to Pc simply by using web app. However you have to scan QR code on browser or entering the URL for sharing files between Android to Pc. This is also a free app and available on playstore.

4. AirDroid: Using Airdroid app full fill your various needs. you can transfer files to pc from your android mobile and vice-versa. In addition to transferring files, you can also Use this app to access your WhatsApp, wechat, hike and some other Android apps. You can even locate your phone if it gets lost. If you want to backup you can do your backups to PC before resetting or for your data safety. This app also works in a cross-platform environment and you need to install pc software for transferring files and accessing WhatsApp, etc on Pc.

Moreover, you can also send messages and receive messages between Airdroid customers. This app having all the essential features in the free version. However, having additional features in-app purchase.


5. Midrop: Last in the list is Mi drop this is the best app to transfer files. It is a fast and lightweight android file transferring app. This is the best alternative to share it and Airdroid. This is only available for Android users. This app having great transfer speed. However, it does not allow cross-platform transferring of files.

Moreover, this app has simple and clean UI any newbie can also able to use it without any previous knowledge. You can use it if you having low space in your phone this app is very lightweight. In addition to its, feature and speed Midrop is totally free and has no in-app purchase.

In short, You can use any file transferring app without any worry. While choosing sharing app see which app is mostly installed by your relatives and friends, Because all this app transfer file to the same app, not cross-app transfer is available in any of this app. For instance, Shareit transfer file to shareit app only not to xender or Midrop. Keep this in mind before installing the app. If you having any doubt comment below I will answer your all questions.ready to help you. You can also ask any other questions you have with you.

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