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What is ShareIt?

ShareIt is a global advertising platform that has close relationships with Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. All social media influencers, artists and live broadcasters are also paying close heed to our advertising platform.

How does ShareIt gain income?

ShareIt helps merchants and social media influencers design, produce, promote, and provide big data attention through the commissions of merchants, social media influencers. We let merchants and social media influencers get the greatest advertising effect in the shortest possible time. Conversely, ShareIt will also receive fees paid by them.

What is ShareIt’s business model?

ShareIt’s business model is to allow members to like or share posts on major social media platforms, and to share its advertising revenue from businesses to all members who have completed their tasks.

Can everyone become a ShareIt member?

Yes, ShareIt is a globalised platform. No matter which country or region you are from, you can become a ShareIt member. Since ShareIt has international clients, it also needs global members to promote the platform.

How do ShareIt members gain income?

ShareIt earns advertising revenue from its merchants and social media influencers, and shares it with all members who have completed their tasks. Members must carefully fill in their bank account numbers, or the revenue will not be directly transferred to their bank account.

What are the requirements to become a ShareIt member?

ShareIt currently has 8 packages (1 free package, 7 paid packages). The paid packages allow members to upgrade to become a premium member and earn higher revenue.

How does the membership package operate?

The tasks of ShareIt are simple. Download the ShareIt app and register as a member. Then, log in and select the tasks. You will receive the benefits after completing them.

What is ShareIt’s annual revenue?

ShareIt has 5 years of advertising experience. At present, we have more than 3,000 social media influencers on contracts, which allow us to get a profit of 100 million USD every year. Since we have over 150,000 fans, we use big data to create social media influencers and artists.

How do members withdraw cash after ShareIt gains income?

ShareIt requires each member to verify their identity and fill in personal bank information to facilitate remittances.

Does ShareIt have other benefits in addition to benefits from completing tasks?

ShareIt also has an unique reward, that is, Special Task Reward.

What is a Special Task Reward?

Special Task Reward is the income where members gain after sharing ShareIt QR code every day when ShareIt introduces unique videos or posts. At present, the special task of ShareIt has also increased the number of members by 30%.

Social and Coins,
a Match Made in Heaven

Watch videos, like and follow to get rewards and benefits, these processes also generate data values and expand users. The cost threshold for advertising docking platforms will increase as a result. In order to reward users, ShareIt will return a sum of its advertising revenues to users who utilise it as a promotional reward. We use the social platform as the starting point, and allow various network promotions, social media influencers, etc. to expand the platform in the form of creative contents.
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